Where can I get a trap?   

Tractor Supply

Cat House on the Kings - Requires a Refundable Deposit

Whitie's Pets - Requires a Refundable Deposit

Tomahawk Live Trap   Click here for 10% off

Brandi demonstrating how to secure your Amazon or Harbor Frieght Traps.   We do not recommend these traps but if you have them we want you to help get them secured and safer.

Materials Needed:  Cardboard & Zip Ties

How do I get an appointment?   Join the Facebook Last Minute Appointment Group Chat.   When appointments are available they will be posted in the chat.   You can also complete the intake form  to be contacted. Brandi and Gilbert work with veterinarians in the area to squeeze in feral cats.   They do not have regular scheduled appointments.

Trap Neuter Return- TNR for Cats | Best Friends Animal Society.pdf