How we communicate

How we communicate (appointments)

Community members join Fresno TNR Facebook Group.   Once you join you can post a message on our main page (all posts must be approved for posting) and other members will respond to you depending on your needs.

We are not a rescue group but will try to help direct you to the right agency that may be able to help you.  Do not post rehoming of cats that are not fixed.

If you have general questions that you want answered right away please use the Community  Info Chat or the Community Appointment Q & A chat.  These chats are available to all Fresno TNR group members and you do not have to be added. (However Facebook has not given everyone access to these chats)  Please do not post general questions in the Last minute Admin appointment chats.  When questions are put in the Last Minute Chats it makes it hard for the Admin to communicate about appointments.  


There are TWO last minute group chats for LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENTS.    We are trying to move everyone to the #3 APPOINTMENT CHAT. Chat #3 Last Minute Appointments  However Facebook has not rolled out access to everyone for Community Chats. If you cannot join please message an Admin to add you to the #1-#2 chat.    You only need to be in ONE appointment chat.  The same information is posted in all.  When we ask on the chats for cats please use this link for the criteria.   

We do not make phone calls for appointments and everything is done through Facebook.

These chats are monitored by Brandi, Gilbert, Cassie, Kris, Sydney, Savannah and Lola.    When appointments are available to spay and neuter they will announce how many spots are available on these chats in the morning (Monday-Thursday) around 7am.   Once they are announced in the chat then you can respond to the message to see about securing a spot. Kittens must be two pounds and friendly and need to be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to appointment.   Please let them know if you have a male or female (pregnant) and if they are friendly or feral.    If they respond to you then your spot is confirmed.    Once all the spots are filled they will then post a message about when, where and what time the cats will need to be dropped off.   Many times the cats can be dropped off the night before.   It is critical that you communicate if you CANNOT bring your cat.   We have many people waiting for appointments and can easily fill cancellations. We ask for a minimum $30 co-pay per cat.  We rely on all donations and you can donate here 

Please do not post regular questions or conversations in the LAST MINUTE chats as it creates confusion for everyone.   The #3 LAST MINUTE chat is paused until appointments are available.

I know this can be confusing as this is an unconventional way of getting this work done but it works.   Please be patient and we will try to assist you as soon as we can.

Brandi, Gilbert, Sydney, Cassie, Savannah, Lola and Kris do this all for FREE and do not get paid.   We are able to do this work with the generous donations from Dogwood Animal Project and Kirkland Foundation.   We receive NO city or county funding.


For additional questions email:


Cat House on the Kings 559-638-0490

Fresno Humane $25 

Hope Animal Foundation - Feral Cats $130

Valley Animal Center  - See website for information

Assistance with Pet Food - Halo Cafe 24 hour info line at (559) HALO-717 

Facebook Rescue Network

ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic - Stockton