Please note we DO NOT have specific date and time appointments for spay and neuter.   By registering your information ahead of time Brandi and Gilbert have an idea of who needs assistance.    Once you join our Facebook Group there is a Group Chat that is for LAST minute appointments.  Please ask to be added to this chat so you can see appointment availability.     When there are appointments available a message will be sent out to all members.   This is the only way you can get your cat spayed or neutered.

1.  Set your confirmation/registration BEFORE you trap, contact either Gilbert Romero or Brandi Sherman for help via Facebook Messenger or at 559-999-1833.    If there are appointments, an announcement will be made around 7 am the day of the appointments on our Facebook group.  Once announced you can confirm a spot and where to drop your cat off.

2.  All cats must be in secure carriers or traps. feral or unfriendly cats need to be in traps or we need to know so we can arrange transfers.


4.  We ask for a $30 donation per cat to help offset the cost.  Cash, Venmo & Cash App accepted at drop off or pick up.  Dogwood Animal Rescue helps fund our spay and neuters to make them affordable.

4. Questions?? Ask us we can help!  

If you trap a cat be prepared to hold onto it until you are contacted for an appointment.